Healing is About Doing the Work

So many of us are seeking the quick fix, the external magic of a healing that will allow us to walk in with discomfort, anxiety, stress, disease, only to walk out of a treatment feeling somewhat better but only for a short time . An hour, a day, a week or sometimes...

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Healing with Reiki

A week ago my husband underwent open heart surgery to repair a faulty valve. I knew that he would go through the surgery perfectly as I used distance healing the night before to go into the operating theatre and reiki

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Releasing Judgement, Choosing Life

Last year I had a huge personal lesson around judgement of others and myself which completely floored me. Instead of allowing the event to push me into a spiral on embarrassment, anxiety and stress, I knew I needed to asked why? Why did this happen, why me? As...

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This is Not Mine

How often do you get that feeling that something isn't quite right or you just feel almost a sick or uneasy feeling in your lower belly or chest? Let me explain it this way, I will often be going about my day as usual and all of a sudden, I will begin to feel quite...

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Choosing to Be Exceptional

In September 2017 I began a Health and Lifestyle Education program with Twenty 8, a Queensland based business which focuses on self-care and self-love. This program is a six month program which is all about incorporating beautiful rituals into your life and learning...

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Keeping the Faith

Late last week my husband was unfortunate enough to loose his wallet just as we headed interstate for the week. As luck would have it, all of our cards were linked and every bit of his ID was in that bloody wallet. During my healing work I have had Angelic experiences...

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How I found Energy Healing?

All through my life I have been drawn to helping people and have found that people find it easy to open up to me, telling me their stories. Lying on a massage table in 2016, I was drawn to a Reiki Certificate on the wall. Not sure why, I question what Reiki was and...

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