Healing with Reiki

A week ago my husband underwent open heart surgery to repair a faulty valve. I knew that he would go through the surgery perfectly as I used distance healing the night before to go into the operating theatre and reiki

Releasing Judgement, Choosing Life

Last year I had a huge personal lesson around judgement of others and myself which completely floored me. Instead of allowing the event to push me into a spiral on embarrassment, anxiety and stress, I knew I needed to asked why? Why did this happen, why me? As meditation is part of my daily practice, sitting in silence allowed me to realise that my lesson was to STOP judging others, and start staying in my own business, my own lane.

Sitting in judgement allows us to feel a little more secure about ourselves, but only in the passing moment. Judgement does not allow us to see clearly, it holds us in a negative space, in turn, shutting out life. When we judge others, it has little effect on those around us, only on us. It becomes toxic and festers under the skin, within our soul, often turning into physical pain and disease.

Why do we judge? Our judgement is an unconscious pattern which is connected to our own insecurities, our own weaknesses, not being strong enough, not being seen or heard. Judgement can also happen when we see something in someone else that we find repulsive in ourselves, like a mirror image.

When someone comes across my path, whether they are my friend, family or just someone random and their actions, lifestyle or decisions are different to the way I do things, or not what I would choose, I simply take the attitude that this is their journey, their choice and sit with acceptance of what is.

Don’t get me wrong, judgement is still something that rears its ugly head now and again. When I find myself faced with this, awareness and acknowledgement is quick to come and release is through my breath. This is all part of the clutter we must clear and takes conscious motivation and effort. Our ego is often our weakness and is the clutter that needs to be cleared.

When you stop being judge and jury, their is so much more space, more time, more love.


This is Not Mine

How often do you get that feeling that something isn’t quite right or you just feel almost a sick or uneasy feeling in your lower belly or chest?
Let me explain it this way, I will often be going about my day as usual and all of a sudden, I will begin to feel quite sick in my stomach, or feel this nervous energy running through my body. It is a feeling of just not being quite right.
Last year, during a course I was taking, my mentor gave me a tool for my toolkit that I use often throughout my daily life and my work. It has been so valuable in not taking on other people’s stuff and also clearing my own energy.
When I feel this feeling I know well now, bubbling up inside of my body, I repeat the following, ‘This is not mine, you need to leave now’. This needs to done with conviction and feeling. I repeat this three times and in most cases, the feeling will leave immediately. If this feeling does not leave, you know this is YOUR stuff and you need to deal with it. As we are all connected by energy, when we gossip or talk negatively about another person, on some level, this will affect both their energy and yours.
I have taught this to my children, my friends and my clients with amazing results. If you begin to build this into your everyday life, it will allow you to clear your energy easily and work through your own clutter, not the clutter others put on you.

Choosing to Be Exceptional

In September 2017 I began a Health and Lifestyle Education program with Twenty 8, a Queensland based business which focuses on self-care and self-love. This program is a six month program which is all about incorporating beautiful rituals into your life and learning how to put yourself first, learning to love who you are completely and authentically. Whilst the program was truly exceptional, nothing prepared me for the four day Graduation which I attended beginning on Valentine’s Day 2018, coincidentally, or not!!

Our weekend included workshops, amazing guest speakers like Cindy O’Meara, Carren Smith, and Wes Carr. We did aroma yoga, beach walks, facials and ate beautiful, nuturing soul food.

One of the biggest AHA moments for me during the weekend was during a talk from Carren Smith, Transformational Speaker and Motivator, amongst other things. She spoke a lot about staying in our own business and not getting caught up in things that are not for us. Our only purpose in life is to “Choose to Be Exceptional”. Well, I can’t tell you how these words have become my anchor, creating a feeling in me that is unexplainable, like filling up with pink beautiful energy in my whole being. Every time I feel myself going off course, moving out of my business, returning to old behaviours, I say these words in my own head (or aloud if I’m on my own) and the feeling comes back instantly. The Ripple Effect of feeling this way is truly amazing.

I dare you to “Choose to be Exceptional”, it will completely change your life and the way you feel about YOU. Start your day with those words and see what happens. What have you got to lose…………..

Keeping the Faith

Late last week my husband was unfortunate enough to loose his wallet just as we headed interstate for the week. As luck would have it, all of our cards were linked and every bit of his ID was in that bloody wallet.

During my healing work I have had Angelic experiences and feel my angels around me more and more. I knew that on the Monday morning my husband was heading into the bank and vic roads to start the process of replacing EVERYTHING!! Whilst reading a book Saturday afternoon on psychic development, an area of interest, there was a chapter relating to the many angels around us. One of the Angels that was mentioned was one that could help locate lost objects. Right then I knew I could ask, out loud, to help us locate the wallet before 10am Monday. I made the instruction and time very specific!!!!

If I ever had any doubts that Angels exist, I don’t anymore. On Monday morning at 9.30am, my husband phoned me to tell me his wallet had been handed in to the police with everything intact. Only the money was missing.

I am sure we cant always manifest what we want, but by leading a life which is truthful, spiritual and honest, greatness will always come and our Angels will always protect us.

How I found Energy Healing?

All through my life I have been drawn to helping people and have found that people find it easy to open up to me, telling me their stories.

Lying on a massage table in 2016, I was drawn to a Reiki Certificate on the wall. Not sure why, I question what Reiki was and felt the need to find out more. Coincidentally, there happened to be a Reiki 1 workshop that following weekend which I was able to attend. After completing my training I thought little more about it, knowing I just had to heal myself. About 3 months later, I was in a position to attend a Reiki 2 workshop, and knew then that this was the path I HAD to follow.

They say that you don’t find Reiki, it finds you!! Wow, where they right!!

Once I began to practice on friends and family, a whole world opened up that I never knew possible.

Since this time, I have developed my skills further, in Pellowah, Spirit Boards, Mediumship and Psychic Development.

I truly love that when a client walks into my studio, no two healings are ever the same. In one healing, you can shift and let go of much that is holding you back, but remember, whatever it is that is out of balance, took time to get there and can be undone in just one session. Our body is vehicle that needs to be well maintained and tuned up often.


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