How often do you get that feeling that something isn’t quite right or you just feel almost a sick or uneasy feeling in your lower belly or chest?
Let me explain it this way, I will often be going about my day as usual and all of a sudden, I will begin to feel quite sick in my stomach, or feel this nervous energy running through my body. It is a feeling of just not being quite right.
Last year, during a course I was taking, my mentor gave me a tool for my toolkit that I use often throughout my daily life and my work. It has been so valuable in not taking on other people’s stuff and also clearing my own energy.
When I feel this feeling I know well now, bubbling up inside of my body, I repeat the following, ‘This is not mine, you need to leave now’. This needs to done with conviction and feeling. I repeat this three times and in most cases, the feeling will leave immediately. If this feeling does not leave, you know this is YOUR stuff and you need to deal with it. As we are all connected by energy, when we gossip or talk negatively about another person, on some level, this will affect both their energy and yours.
I have taught this to my children, my friends and my clients with amazing results. If you begin to build this into your everyday life, it will allow you to clear your energy easily and work through your own clutter, not the clutter others put on you.

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