Last year I had a huge personal lesson around judgement of others and myself which completely floored me. Instead of allowing the event to push me into a spiral on embarrassment, anxiety and stress, I knew I needed to asked why? Why did this happen, why me? As meditation is part of my daily practice, sitting in silence allowed me to realise that my lesson was to STOP judging others, and start staying in my own business, my own lane.

Sitting in judgement allows us to feel a little more secure about ourselves, but only in the passing moment. Judgement does not allow us to see clearly, it holds us in a negative space, in turn, shutting out life. When we judge others, it has little effect on those around us, only on us. It becomes toxic and festers under the skin, within our soul, often turning into physical pain and disease.

Why do we judge? Our judgement is an unconscious pattern which is connected to our own insecurities, our own weaknesses, not being strong enough, not being seen or heard. Judgement can also happen when we see something in someone else that we find repulsive in ourselves, like a mirror image.

When someone comes across my path, whether they are my friend, family or just someone random and their actions, lifestyle or decisions are different to the way I do things, or not what I would choose, I simply take the attitude that this is their journey, their choice and sit with acceptance of what is.

Don’t get me wrong, judgement is still something that rears its ugly head now and again. When I find myself faced with this, awareness and acknowledgement is quick to come and release is through my breath. This is all part of the clutter we must clear and takes conscious motivation and effort. Our ego is often our weakness and is the clutter that needs to be cleared.

When you stop being judge and jury, their is so much more space, more time, more love.


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