Late last week my husband was unfortunate enough to loose his wallet just as we headed interstate for the week. As luck would have it, all of our cards were linked and every bit of his ID was in that bloody wallet.

During my healing work I have had Angelic experiences and feel my angels around me more and more. I knew that on the Monday morning my husband was heading into the bank and vic roads to start the process of replacing EVERYTHING!! Whilst reading a book Saturday afternoon on psychic development, an area of interest, there was a chapter relating to the many angels around us. One of the Angels that was mentioned was one that could help locate lost objects. Right then I knew I could ask, out loud, to help us locate the wallet before 10am Monday. I made the instruction and time very specific!!!!

If I ever had any doubts that Angels exist, I don’t anymore. On Monday morning at 9.30am, my husband phoned me to tell me his wallet had been handed in to the police with everything intact. Only the money was missing.

I am sure we cant always manifest what we want, but by leading a life which is truthful, spiritual and honest, greatness will always come and our Angels will always protect us.

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