In September 2017 I began a Health and Lifestyle Education program with Twenty 8, a Queensland based business which focuses on self-care and self-love. This program is a six month program which is all about incorporating beautiful rituals into your life and learning how to put yourself first, learning to love who you are completely and authentically. Whilst the program was truly exceptional, nothing prepared me for the four day Graduation which I attended beginning on Valentine’s Day 2018, coincidentally, or not!!

Our weekend included workshops, amazing guest speakers like Cindy O’Meara, Carren Smith, and Wes Carr. We did aroma yoga, beach walks, facials and ate beautiful, nuturing soul food.

One of the biggest AHA moments for me during the weekend was during a talk from Carren Smith, Transformational Speaker and Motivator, amongst other things. She spoke a lot about staying in our own business and not getting caught up in things that are not for us. Our only purpose in life is to “Choose to Be Exceptional”. Well, I can’t tell you how these words have become my anchor, creating a feeling in me that is unexplainable, like filling up with pink beautiful energy in my whole being. Every time I feel myself going off course, moving out of my business, returning to old behaviours, I say these words in my own head (or aloud if I’m on my own) and the feeling comes back instantly. The Ripple Effect of feeling this way is truly amazing.

I dare you to “Choose to be Exceptional”, it will completely change your life and the way you feel about YOU. Start your day with those words and see what happens. What have you got to lose…………..

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